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euromillions rollover draw 8th may 2009

This Fridays euomillions rollover could potentially create the worlds biggest lottery winner if it is won by just one person.

It has rolled over for the past 5 weeks and is standing at a massive £110 millions jackpot.

Why not give yourself the best chance of winning by playing in an elottery syndicate. Elottery guarantee that your euromillions syndicate will match both the lucky stars. That means you only need to match the 5 main numbers to win a share of the jackpot. Check out my post here http://www.planetlotto.co.uk/2009/05/02/110-million-euromillions-rollover-draw-8th-may-2009/ that explains how 42 people would have won the jackpot last week if they were playing in an elottery syndicate.

Check out the elottery syndicate movie here http://www.planetlotto.co.uk/e-lottery-syndicate/ which explains everything about elottery and how it can increase your chances if winning this Mega jackpot.

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