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£110 million euromillions rollover draw 8th may 2009

The Euromillions jackpot has broke the £100 million barrier again. The jackpot for this friday is an estimated £110 million.

Why not give yourself the best chance of winning by playing in an elottery syndicate. Elottery guarantees that your syndicate will match the 2 lucky stars. So lets have a look at the last euromillions prize breakdown.


This shows that no one matched the all 5 numbers plus the 2 lucky stars, but it also shows that 16 people matched 5 numbers and 1 lucky star, winning £211k each, which is a tidy sum.

It also shows that 26 people matched 5 numbers, winning £36k each. Well if any of these people were playing in an elottery syndicate, they would have won a share of the jackpot, as their syndicate was guaranteed the 2 lucky stars.

With 39 people in a euromillions syndicate that would have been a cool £2.25 million for each syndicate member. Now im sure the people who won £36k are happy, but I bet they are thinking, so near yet so far.

Lucky for us an elottery syndicate didnt win this time, and we now have a massive £110 millions up for grabs. So what way are you going to play? the normal way, where you win £36k for 5 numbers, or the smarter way, where you win over £2.25 millions for 5 numbers.

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